My work is about the strange.

Hatching the imaginative.

I am making the implication of a life.

One that may have wriggled out of the cosmic abyss aboveā€¦

out of the black abyss - within.   

Driven to puzzle I want to create curiosities that draw you in 

Sexy & Threatening

to stimulate apprehension.


I create by meticulous measures.

My process is an exploration

of texture and variety

in a search for unity in form.

As a maker I am engrossed with the puzzle of the work.  

It is a series of steps to ascend.

A turn here, a corridor there.

Dead ends to trap doors

A drop into epiphany 

Their creation is an adventure

to see what takes shape in the hands,

when the mind is a circus of

the pets & play things of proper villains.  

The complexity of their creation, through careful craftsmanship

makes the journey worth the toil

the enigma - both mine, and yours.


                                                - JRM








Joshua R. Maier


BLACK HEART ART | 1907 Fair Lane. Columbia, MO | glassmaier@yahoo.com

Joshua R. Maier