Fuse + Josh  maIer


A wide variety of possibilities with Print techniques


Explore a variety of printed artworks on both traditional 2-D media - created by artist working at Fuse Print Studio, and works on 3-D ceramic forms (sculpture and vessels) by Joshua Maier.


Exhibition on Display at Trish Martindell Gallery in coordination with Queen City Clay

Cincinnati, OH


October-November 2022

A  Menagerie  of stranger  days...


A retrospective look at a decade of creation


A solo show of selected works that have taken shape across a decade of creation and study in the creative media of clay and other tactile materials.



Clifton area of Cincinnati, OH


August - September 2022



Exit show of 18 month Artist Residency 


Entering into the residency at Queen City Clay October of 2017 focused on exploring the expressive possibilities using the technique of mono-printing with colored slips across the surface of both intricate functional forms and sculptures. After 18 months this body of printed works was presented in a soloin a solo show titled COLORLUST at the Trish Martindell Gallery within the QCC facility.


June 2019